Risk Assessment

This determines if you are in a censored environment based on measurements to remote Tor directory authorities, Tor relays and common websites.

Hidden content

Accessbility is determined by including IFrames of the browser representation of the directory authorities and relays. The IFrames are not visible to you, but are loaded in the background. The procedure is similar for determining the accessbility of websites. Hereby an image of the external page is loaded into an <img> tag. These images are also hidden.

Data we collect

We collect information about whether you can etablish connections from your location to certain Tor network directory authorities and relays, as well as commonly known sites with potential inaccessibility in restrictive countries.

Date and time of measurements

We collect the time and date when you run the measurements. This data helps us evaluate when measurements were taken and compare measurements over time.

Country code

In order to assign the measurements to assign the measurements to an exact location, geolocation is used based on your IP address. When starting the measurements, your country code is determined and saved during the measurements. The resulting country code will be attached to any results sent to us.

Submit results

Ater performing the measurements, you will be given the option to save the results locally. This file also contains the country code and a time stamp. Since we are also very interested in your results, we ask you to send this file to us. By doing so, you give us personal information that has not been saved before. In case you wish to contribute to the statistics, you can send the file emma.csv to be downloaded to the following e-mail address: <frontdesk@torproject.org>

Running the test

Browser Instructions

1. Use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari to perform the measurements. Do not use the Tor Browser or Brave, as the connection tests with these browsers do not reflect the actual circumstances. Other browsers may also exhibit any misbehavior in this regard.

2. Please note that the measurements are partly based on HTTP. Directory authorities and relays are only accessible via pure HTTP in their browser representation and do not offer reachability via HTTPS. For this reason, disable all extensions that force redirection to HTTPS. In case of using Mozilla Firefox, please make sure that the seucirty setting in Privacy & Security -> HTTPS-Only Mode is set to Don't enable HTTPS-Only Mode.

3. Before you start the measurements, please disable youf VPN service (if applicable) to avoid falsifying your origin. Furthermore, please empty your browser cache before each restart. In case of a page already loaded into the cache, the results will be wrong.